How to Have the Sweetest Friendsgiving Ever




The end of November for Americans is a very special time as we celebrate not only a historical moment in history but also the love of our families and friends.. and of course we celebrate FOOD. Delicious Food. But here at Lou’s we celebrate SWEET foods.. desserts, cookies, cake, chocolate and anything that involves sugar 🙂

We decided to spread some of our  love to you guys so that you can make your thanksgiving as sweet as possible with these few tips:

  • Place your guests: On a large piece of paper, draw out your table and start placing names of guests strategically. Do you have any friends that don’t get along? Maybe you shouldn’t sit them together , or maybe you should and hope for the best 😈 Make it fun, play up personality dynamics and you might see some friendships created that you never imagined could have happened. And take advantage for yourself- make it an arts and crafts project; create pretty or quirky name cards using colored markers, stickers and anything else you can find in that junk drawer.


  • Dessert Options: Who doesn’t love dessert? Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie, holiday cupcakes, Lou’s chocolate chip cookies… oh good heaven! The options are endless, but make sure they really are. Know who your audience is and cater to their taste- vegan, gluten free, dairy free friends? Make sure you have all the bases covered. And for those who can eat anything- please do as all a favor and just hand them some of our delicious chocolate chip cookies 😉


  • Sweet Cocktails: You can go a couple ways with this. Stay boring and just serve wine & beer, bring up the spice and have a serve-your-own-drink bar with different options, or go ALL out and have a (or a few) signature thanksgiving themed drinks. Play around with your traditional cocktails and make some holiday mules, fruity martinis, and warm spiked cider or add a little risk and make a pumpkin eggnog or a pecan pie martini. Whatever you do, top it with a Lou’s cookie crumble!


  • Get your playlist ready: Two words: DANCE PARTY. Start the night off with some smooth jazz, soft holiday music or a soothing indie playlist but then turn up the jams after dinner and make everyone get up and burn some calories ( trust me you will need to).


  • Last but not least,  Pumpkin Spice. Trend? Yes. Real life? Yes. Actually good? YES. Let’s be real, as much as no one wants to be labeled as a PSL lover, we all secretly think it’s delicious. So why not just admit it? Take PS to a new level and make a PS drink, desserts, or just stay classic and offer some post dinner pumpkin spice lattes!

Hopefully this gives you guys some ideas on how to make this year’s ***Friendsgiving**the best one yet.



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