**Kitchen Hack** How to Peel a Pomogrenate

Who knew peeling a pomegranate could be so difficult?! You slice it in half, it starts to bleed all over the place, you loose half of the seeds and before you know it you end up with 10 pomegranate seeds and a crime scene in your kitchen. So let me make your life easier and show you how to do the right way in just a few minutes!

image-20Start with a pomegranate and a big bowl filled with water.


Place the pomegranate inside the bowl of water and massage it around for a few seconds with your fingers, slowly creating a dent  you can eventually puncture through lightly to rip the skin.


In the same place where you broke the skin, pull apart the pomegranate into two halves.

 image-25 image-26

Now place the halves back inside the bowl and slowly peel off the seeds from the flesh of the pomegranate, dropping them back into the water.


The seeds will sink to the bottom. You can now drain out the water to finally have your seeds!



Yeay! No mess, no juices all over the place, just delicious pomegranate seeds ready to be eaten 🙂


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