Healthy Benefits of Peanuts: Celebrate National Peanut *WEEK* !

Hey there! Since yesterday (September 13th) was National Peanut Day, here at Lou’s we’ve decided to make it National Peanut week! So today I want to share a bit of interesting information on why you SHOULD eat peanuts and I’ll follow up with an amazing secret peanut recipe next post!!

First, I need to start off by saying that if you are allergic to peanuts- I’m so sorry, that’s not fun! Just know that there a million of other delicious nuts and legumes ( technically the correct categorization of peanuts) that you can substitute and still get a lot of great benefits for in your diet!

In general, a diet that contains nuts- which are rich in protein, minerals (such as potassium) fiber, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (good fats) , and antioxidants- is associated with lower cholesterol, improved heart health and a reduction in diabetes risk. Not to mention there has been some research that shows lower risk of colon cancer in women and prevention of gallstones.

Get this: a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information discovered that people getting niacin from foods were 70% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease- lucky for us peanuts have one of the highest contents of niacin!

As I mentioned before, the natural fats and protein content in peanuts are beneficial to our heart and also help control hunger and reduce weight loss.

BUT, WITH THAT BEING SAID…. not all peanuts/peanut butter is made equal !!

Make sure that you buy 100% natural or organic RAW peanuts, which means they have not been roasted or salted, which often means added BAD fat & sodium. When buying peanut butter make sure to take ONE SECOND to look at the ingredients- choose ones that have no added preservatives, sugar or salt. If you prefer the taste of roasted peanuts that is fine- but make sure they been roasted in more natural oils. ALWAYS AVOID THE WORD HYDROGENATED!!

PLUS, if you’re feeling crafty in the kitchen, you can always roast your own peanuts in the oven! Easy peanut-eecy : p

SO GO GET ON IT- eat some peanuts, stick them in your salad, top your favorite fruits and veggies with peanut butter or eat it right out of the jar!  The options are endless!

One more thing- did you know that arachibutyrophobia is a fear of peanut butter stuck to one’s mouth…. WHAT!?

Stay tuned for a delish peanut recipe!!


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