Cupid’s Arrow

On a day that is going to be bursting with sugary treats, there is no better time for healthier alternative snacks for the kiddies than Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day is a great time to create something festive using various heart themed snacks. Start with a simple dish like Cupids Arrow, using all fruit. We suggest strawberries, grapes, and Cuties for this snack.

Begin with washing the strawberries and grapes. Next take the stem off the strawberry and peel the Cutie.

The key to creating this snack is starting backwards. Place one tangerine on a kabob stick and slide it down to bottom.

Next place one grape, followed by a second tangerine and slide down.

Fill the remaining part of the kabob with grapes, leaving about one inch at the top for a strawberry.

Place the strawberry on top.
Let the love fly with this healthy snack!

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