About Us

about-1Lou’s Gourmet Sweets began when Rachelle took her mother’s (Coetta Louvenia) oatmeal cookie recipe, that had been handed down from Coetta’s mother (Louvenia- ‘Lou’) and making them as a source of delight for friends and family during social gatherings. Before long the signature cookie was available in a variety of flavors, which are as delectable as the original. Rachelle’s passion for baking continued to grow. They say when you’re doing what you love things kind of fall into place. An operation developed that engaged the services of her mother, Coetta Louvenia and her husband, Peter.

Lou’s Gourmet Sweets entered a local Farmers Market where her cookie line caught the attention of a manager from a major retail chain and has now expanded to numerous grocery stores and specialty shops. In an effort to give back to the community Lou’s has partnered with various fund raising projects and works with grade school students teaching culinary classes, informing students on healthier food alternatives and business skills in food distribution. Lou’s also collaborates with non-for-profits, and food pantries to assist with society as a whole.

Lou’s Gourmet Sweets is committed to bringing a quality product with natural ingredients to its customers while aiding in social issues throughout the community. It’s not just a cookie…. It’s a treat. Taste and you’ll see why we say “one taste calls for another.”