2018 Food Trend ~Thai Rolled Ice Cream~




The 2018 food trends are underway and we have been seeing all types of sweet delectables. Whether you’ve been actively seeking new trends or not, chances are you have seen the coolest thing (pun intended) to hit the desserts industry this year; Thai Rolled Ice Cream.

Lindsay Hunt / Via BuzzFeed  Buzzfeed.com


These rolls are made by pouring a liquid ice cream over a freezing surface, adding chopped ingredients into the mix, spreading the mix into a thin layer, finally scrapping strips of the ice cream into rolls. The rolls are placed in a bowl and additional ingredients are placed on top.

Kathy Tran / Via Eater Dallas  Dallas Eater


Gemma Stafford / Via Gemmas Bigger Bolding Baking  Bigger Bolder Baking


Interesting in trying to make this treat at home?  Have no fear! Below is a video link we’ve found on homemade ice cream rolls.


Ice Cream Rolls DIY Recipe


Have some fun and switch it up by adding your own ingredients. Let us know how it turns out!


*Profile image was taken from BuzzFeed.com; Lindsay Hunt BuzzFeed
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